The Glasgow School

Where have you been Charlie?

Feature by Jasper Hamill and Nick Q | 15 Jun 2006

In Glasgow though, the return of a certain notorious lothario has put the flutter in many hearts and several pubs back in business. Charlie, a founding member of The Reindeer Section, has resurfaced, recorded a stunning three track demo with his band Our Lunar Activities and is finally off on tour with Snow Patrol. Rumours of his fate have been coming thick and fast: he'd vomited his stomach up, been turned into black pudding back at home in Stornaway or had run off with a frog princess. Regardless, he's back and his band are sounding better than ever. Cold Night Song at the Goat has been limping along in his absence; word on the street is that the acoustic kids will be heading down to Big Slope on Sundays for their dose of lachrymose whimsy. Where have you been Charlie?

The Needles, who've been around forever in this town, have a new single out on June 8th with a wee tour of Manchester, London, Edinburgh and Glasgow to follow. With quite the flashest website I've ever seen (although when you click on the news section the page inexplicably focuses on the guitarist's crotch and refuses to budge) the band are being pushed by someone it seems. Just like local hopes Bricolage, recently signed to Memphis Industries and with a new drummer. Have a look at their Myspace page for a daily dose of jealousy.

The bespectacled titan of Glasgow nightlife Mark Robb (who started The Buff ) has opened a snazzy new café in Partick. The boys from Say Dirty have been asked to put on a night there; it's beautifully decorated and open for business now just opposite the Lismore. He's also got a new club opening within the month. You heard it here first.

Yoursound has been carrying on apace with the winners this month being the charming Yellow Bentine. With a hundred band members and support slots with the Arctic Monkeys et al, they're pretty good. Have a squizz at the Yoursound link on King Tut's website to read all about it. Other new bands to look out for are Refo Sound System, which is Barry from Sound Development Agency and The Sub Club's new venture and Ross Clark, who's a one man acoustic wunderkind that sounds like a Glaswegian bright eyes and looks like Elvis Costello.

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