The Glasgow School

Feature by Nick Q | 17 Mar 2006

As the nights get longer, the sun occasionally pops its hat on and bands emerge from the gloom of winter, spring promises to be a great time for music. Event of the month is sure to be The Gestalt night at the Art School on Friday March 31. With live music deep into the wee hours from Uncle John and Whitelock, Datapanik and The Hedrons, as well as DJs as diverse as Mark Robb from the Buff, Emergency/Discopia DJs who've recently rocked Death Disco and a cavalcade of artists, performers and god knows what else, it should be a thrilling glimpse of Glasgow's amazing scene.

One of the Bands of the mo that are great are The Station Project, who've been courted by a million different record companies and are currently playing anywhere that will have them in Glasgow. Propulsive, powerful with a macho swagger and a bleeding heart, they're sure to be huge when they sign on the dotted line. They can be caught at Miso during March. Check out the listings for more details of the amazing nights being held at Glasgow's new home of great music on a Thursday night.

Reggae legend Max Romeo is also coming to Glasgow to usher in the summer. Famous for having his hit record 'Wet Dream,' banned and reaching the top ten anyway, as well as featuring on The Prodigy's Outer Space, the legend will alight in Glasgow on March 24 for a gig on the Renfrew Ferry. Another great gig brought to you by Jammin Adventures, continuing their unrelenting promotion of top quality reggae in Scotland.

Famed for their gigs in tunnels beneath Kelvingrove Park, legendary parties and nudity, Shitdisco, signed to Fierce Panda, have achieved a respectability of sorts with mentions in the NME and airplay on X-FM amongst others. Currently wowing audiences in London, you can catch ShitDisco at the ABC on March 8. Continuinng their dominion of the Glasgow music scene, the Subclub are reopening MacSorleys as a music bar. With 'subclub style karaoke,' the odd bit of football and tons of great bands, pop down for a lovely wee night once in a while. This month also sees the return of Get a Room at the Brunswick Hotel. Last year was great so give it a shot. Cheerio!