The Glasgow School

Sad news this month is the demise of ShitDisco's shitty party den

Feature by Jasper Hamill | 16 May 2006

The big news of the month, apart from Snoop Doggy Dogg allegedly renting an expensive European hotel room to store his stash, is the return of Deadfly Buchowski. After guitarist Tom retired to sunny Liverpool, the band has regrouped with another guitarist. To promote themselves they've initiated a double PR campaign by carpet-bombing Glasgow with posters and ensuring lead singer Roddy is to be seen damn near everywhere in his flared, red corduroys. Their last album was great, they've already played a gig or two and, so they say, they might even update their website soon so you lot can pop down and see them.

Meanwhile, in the West End, the grand old gents at Say Dirty Records have smuggled Icelandic folk minstrel Bela to their base in Bank Street in an oversized Easter Egg. The announcement of his signing is yet to be made so we've something of a scoop on our hands. Keep your fingers clicking on and Itunes for his first release, Ticket for a Train, on May 29th with a physical album to follow quite shortly. Head down to Brel on the 14th of June during the West End Festival - to meet him, the Say Dirty lot and no doubt me - when he's be launching his album.

Sad news this month is the demise of ShitDisco's shitty party den. The Landlord, unaware of the need for a Bacchanalian hellhole on West Prince's Street, decided to rip out the staircase. No doubt property prices will rise, yuppies will move in and their neighbours will get some sleep but all the rest of us will have to hope someone else throws a party now they're in the NME.

Engine, a local band who are unafraid of 'chilling out', have been approached by Tricky's label. After a party during which free cocktails were handed out and Tricky seemed keen to smack me in the face, the band will appear in his film, support him on tour and will soon have an album out. Keep an ear out in the more downbeat spots in Glasgow and you might hear them tinkling (ooeer) if you're lucky.

Demos have been coming in apace this month. Cream of the bunch is Outerstatic ( who is a one man electronic wunderkind. Savagely dissonant textures curl languorously around wafts of ethereal synths in his self-titled debut. He'll be gigging soon so try to pop along and see him. The other great band to look out for is the Heebeejeebies who sound a wee bit like Idlewild if they'd blown their pocket money on cheap synths instead of a luxury Manhattan apartment. Dunno when they're playing but it'll be good.

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