My Vitriol @ Stereo, 19 Nov

Article by Marta Nelson | 29 Oct 2008
  • My Vitriol

High on the “whatever happened to…?” list of the past five years is My Vitriol, now showing up at Stereo in Glasgow. After a highly successful debut album - Finelines - which carried several hits (Always: Your Way, anybody?), the photogenic Londoners pulled an Axl in 2002 and have only been seen at one-off shows and the occasional festival since. Excited whispers of a new album have been echoing for most of 2008 and although nothing has been set in stone, they’ve emerged for a UK tour, and you can have the pleasure of checking them out for a live serving of their particular brand of angst-ridden alt rock. [Marta Nelson]

8pm, £12.50