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the line-up is truly worth salivating over

Article by Wilbur Kane | 15 Jun 2006
Festivals replacing religion as the opium of the people? Hardly a new concept, the Romans used to hold them whenever their citizens were in need of a 'morale' boost. Instead of mutilated Christians, now you get to watch Pete Townshend and co struggle with their bodily functions. You tell me which is more barbaric!

Adding itself neatly to the ever growing rostrum of outdoor love-ins is Indian Summer (it's on in Autumn, geddit?), and this is one we're genuinely quite excited about. The proud organisers, naturally, want to differentiate their efforts from the other riff-raff, and are keen to stress the quality of act they have on offer, rather than the various side-shows and paraphernalia to be had. In other words, yes you can buy poppers, but really you came here for the music, man.

Fortunately, this fighting talk is backed by some smooth action. Recently announced (at the time of going to press), the line-up is truly worth salivating over, and surprisingly for a Scottish effort, there doesn't appear to be a red T in sight.

Primary cause for the aforementioned secretions are the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, fronted by the universally lusted after Karen O - the lady who invented sex. Punky, abrasive and downright good fun, tissues are recommended, though you might want to keep some for the performance of Antony and his Johnsons, a winsome troubadour who has captured imaginations, and brought tears to many eyes of late.

Other highlights include Canadian indie conglomerate Broken Social Scene, and Oxbridge uber-nerds Hot Chip. Twitch and Wilkes of Optimo fame promise something very different over the course of their two day set (remember, no camping, that's sooo last year) and there's also an appearance by much hyped (though thankfully not by The Skinny) Weegies the 1990s. You read it here first (maybe)!
2nd and 3rd of September 2006
Victoria Park, Glasgow West End
£60 for the whole weekend