In Pictures: Menace Beach, Fruit Bomb and more

Trof and The Skinny teamed up in September to host four great emerging northern bands: Fruit Bomb, False Advertising, Weirds and Menace Beach. Here's what our photographer caught of the night

Gallery by Music Team | 08 Oct 2015

To The Deaf Institute last month for a very special gig featuring four of our favourite local bands, programmed by Trof in association with The Skinny. 

First up were Fruit Bomb, who hit the Deaf’s intimate dance hall with an explosion of jangly pop rock.

Next, False Advertising brought the house down, with Chris Warr and Jen Hingley swapping vocal duties. Both were ace, the band's vigorous grunge sound a zesty aperitif for the headline act. (You can read more about False Advertising in our October issue.)

But before headliners Menace Beach took to the stage, fellow Leeds band Weirds stole the night with their delirious psych-rock. The four-piece were loud, aggressive and at times flamboyant, their frontman and bassist roaming the crowd and stomping across the Deaf’s bar counter. Did we mention they were loud? Like, louder than the Deaf’s kitsch wallpaper loud.

Headliners Menace Beach were mellower but no less thrilling. Sharing an affinity for pop hooks with False Advertising, they rattled through an energetic set laced with the DNA of 90s alt-rock that had the crowd swaying and woozy.

All in all, a top night – if you were there, thanks for coming down! 

Here’s what our photographer, Wes Foster, caught of the action.