The Skinny On... Kobi Onyame

With a brand new album out now, former SAY Award nominee Kwame Barfour-Osei, aka Kobi Onyame, takes on this month's Q&A

Feature by Kwame Barfour-Osei | 26 Nov 2021
  • Kobi Onyame

What’s your favourite place to visit?
Cape Town, South Africa. There’s a peace and tranquility I feel whenever I'm in Cape Town. 

What’s your favourite colour?
Any natural, earthy colour really. It’s my favourite palette. Again, I think it has to do with a peaceful vibe.

Who was your hero growing up?
My father. He still is Superman in my eyes.

Whose work inspires you now?
Little Simz. She’s the greatest hip-hop artist we have in the UK right now. I just think she’s very confident in her artistry and has really paved her own lane sonically. I like artists who pave their own lane. There's no traffic when you're in your own lane.

What’s your favourite meal to cook at home?
Eggs. Poached, fried, boiled, all of it. I think my wife would say I make a decent egg and salmon breakfast.

What three people would you invite to a dinner party?
Kanye West for the conversation, Pastor Mike Todd to say grace and perhaps Kevin Hart for some comic relief.

What’s the worst film you’ve ever seen?
The bad ones are worth forgetting anyway! I didn’t like the Coming to America sequel. It just wasn’t necessary. I’ll stick to the original thanks.

How have you stayed inspired during the past 18 months?
I’ve mostly tried to stay solid in God. I got married and we had our first child all in the last 18 months so my new family inspires me tremendously. I’ve done a lot of writing over the last 18 months. It helps to dissect emotions and really dig into the questions of life. 

What books would you read if you had to self-isolate for the next ten days?
The Alchemist [by Paulo Coelho], The Bible and probably a 'How to… for dummies' book if I can find one. 

Who’s the worst?
'The people.' Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t think power should be in the hands of 'the people.' Have you seen how 'the people' behave!? 

When did you last cry?
My aunt passed away in 2020. She was my second mother. 

What are you most scared of?
I’m terrified of snakes. Terrified! 

Tell us a secret?
I pretend to be my own manager at times. I’m sure there’s people who still think Kwame and Kobi are two different people. 

If you could be reincarnated as an animal which animal would it be?

An eagle. I like travelling. I like planes. I enjoy my own company. Can you imagine being able to just take off and go?! An eagle, definitely. 

You’ve got a new album coming out this month, how would you convince someone to listen to it in one sentence?
Ha. Imagine what your favourite hearty meal would sound like sonically!

What are your plans for the new album? Will you be touring it?
The album comes out on 26 November and the plan is to simply let it live. I hope to play as many shows as possible in 2022/23 with this album and hopefully inspire other creative ways of furthering the spirit and message of the album. 

What has been your favourite release by another artist of 2021 so far?
Little Simz – Sometimes I Might Be Introvert.

Kobi Onyame's new album Don't Drink the Poison is out now