Team Ghost's Nicolas Fromageau: "I really believe in my band"

<b>Nicolas Fromageau</b>, former founder of M83, talks about his new project <b>Team Ghost</b> and what lies ahead for the spectral popsters

Feature by Darren Carle | 29 Sep 2010

In 2004, effusive electro French outfit M83 broke through with their third album Before the Dawn Heals Us. It was a grandiose statement that found itself topping end-of-year lists as well as soundtracking advertisements and films. It was also the first album not to feature founding member Nicolas Fromageau, who left after previous album Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts. Since then, M83 have continued under the guise of co-founder Anthony Gonzalez, going from strength to strength, currently peaking with 2008’s Saturdays = Youth.

However, Fromageau has been no slouch either and earlier this year the first fruits of his labour with Christophe Guérin were borne as Team Ghost. And if Fromageau has any regrets at being the Stuart Sutcliffe of the French electro shoegaze scene, he certainly isn’t showing it. “I guess Anthony wanted to make music by himself, and so did I,” he begins when asked about the split. “I’m really glad he’s so successful. We’re still friends and I really love his music. I don’t really have any regrets. It hasn’t always been easy, but I’m really excited about Team Ghost. I really believe in my band.”

That belief seems entirely justified too. In April this year debut EP You Never Did Anything Wrong to Me impressed with its ambition, range and brevity. In an era where making a good first impression, and making it before itchy mouse fingers click your soul away, is key, it seemed a perfect introduction to the group, something Fromageau confirms. “We wanted to say ‘hello’, to release some good stuff before the album.”

If their first EP was a hearty handshake, then follow up Celebrate What You Can’t See is a poignant and searching introductory question from a stoned host who has categorically decided to skip the small talk. That being the case, what can we expect to hear on the stereo? “I’m really into Krautrock, ambient, shoegaze, electronic and pop music,” lists Fromageau. “I like many different kinds of music and I love to create different atmospheres.”

All of which, and more, permeate the music of Team Ghost. Having moved from southern France to the capital, it would seem a fair assumption, judging by his predilection for towering guitar crescendos, that Fromageau was also influenced by his upheaval to Paris. “Oh, you know, I never lived in the country,” he corrects. “[The first EP] is about moving from your hometown, missing the people you love. But it’s not so negative; it’s about starting a new life too. I love Paris, but I’m not sure this city consciously influenced me. Travelling is a much bigger inspiration.”

And travelling is something he, Guérin and the rest of the nebulous outfit will be doing this autumn as they tour once again. Sadly there’s no Scottish date this time, although it shouldn’t be too long before they have more wares to take on the road. “We’re already working on the album,” confirms Fromageau. “Hopefully we can release it soon. It’s gonna be huge; I can’t wait!” Neither can we, monsieur.

Celebrate What You Can't See is released on 11 Oct via Sonic Cathedral