Baby Strange vs WHITE: A Christmas Roast

Feature | 06 Dec 2016
  • Baby Strange vs WHITE

Glasgow bands Baby Strange and WHITE play their biggest show to date this December as they co-headline the O2 ABC. Having played a tonne of shows together already, the bands have become the best of friends – we convinced them to interview each other...

WHITE: Leo Condie (vocals), Hamish Fingland (guitar), Chris Potter (guitar), Lewis Andrew (bass), Kirstin Lynn (drums)

Baby Strange: Johnny Madden (vocals/guitar), Connaire McCann (drums), Aidan McCann (bass) 

WHITE: Have any of you fallen onstage before?

Aidan McCann: "I had my first one recently, actually."

Connaire McCann: "He fell kinda behind and off the stage."

A McCann: "Last note, last song, I disappeared."

C McCann: "I was looking at him, then he was gone."

A McCann: "I just walked back and behind a curtain."

C McCann: "Then he just wouldn’t get up."

Baby Strange: Have you guys ever fallen onstage?

Andrew: "I’ve never fallen onstage in this band, but Leo and Potter are pretty pro at it."

Leo Condie: "We were playing a festival in Belgium and there was this ego ramp – apparently it’s called that – I just call it a ramp. It's the thing Bon Jovi would walk out to the crowd on..."

Kirstin Lynn: "I don't remember this..."

Condie: "Well, Hamish was saying I should go out on it. I was thinking – it’s just the start of the festival, very chilled-out atmosphere, there's only a few people here, maybe not...? So this is pretty much all his fault. I walked out onto it and looked at the crowd and thought, 'Why have I walked out onto this ramp?' I had nothing to go on so just said, 'Hi guys...' and kinda ran back onto the stage – my legs went under me and I just fell there on my arse. I was wearing all white and the trousers were covered in mud, so I just had to go on like I totally meant it."

Hamish Fingland: "So basically, we need to try to get through this show at the ABC without both bands falling on stage."

Condie: "My worry with the ABC is going down into the crowd and then not being able to get back on the stage, 'cos it’s very high, and just having to walk out and round the side."

Madden: "Some security guard pushing your arse up onto the stage!"

Andrew: "Both bands finish their sets and everyone’s left and it’s just the disco ball, then Johnny and Leo stuck down in the photographers' bit."

WHITE: What do you think the worst thing that could happen at the ABC would be?

Madden: "I have dreams about stuff like this. For some reason I have this recurring dream that I start singing and playing guitar, and I realise my pedal board is all the way at the back of the stage at my amp and I can’t hit any of the pedals. It’s really stressful, and this dream keeps happening to me. Obviously this isn’t the worst thing that could happen; it’s not as bad as the dream that I’ve killed somebody, but that’s another story... The worst thing at the ABC would be to walk out and nobody is there in front of the stage – that or the disco ball falls and flattens someone."

WHITE: Have you guys played the ABC before with any other bands?

Madden: "Yeah, we supported Palma Violets there in 2013."

Fingland: "Is that it?"

Madden: "Aye!"

Fingland: "We played there with Future Islands and Everything Everything so get it up you!"

Condie: "I think we played our third or fourth gig there?"

Madden: "Aidan’s second gig was at the Barrowlands, so he wins. 16 years old in a school tie, there ye go!"

Baby Strange: Have you ever had any injuries, either you guys onstage or people in the crowd?

Lynn: "I smash myself in the face with my sticks all the time, it’s not very good."

Madden: "Is that what’s up with you? I was wondering..."

Fingland: "I slash my finger a lot on my pick guard."

Condie: "I spit on members of the crowd quite often."

Fingland: "That's more of a long-term illness problem than an initial injury though."

Madden: "So this is really going to get people to come to the ABC?"

Condie: "Oh there'll be a gap, so it’s just the photographers who need to watch out. It’ll be fine."

Madden: "Aidan’s been getting into a habit of booting bottles at the crowd. If he’s not feeling it from them he just boots bottles at them."

A McCann: "I’ve been trying to get a bit of air on it, but it always ends up just getting someone in the front."

WHITE: What’s the worst show you’ve ever played?

C McCann: "Definitely one of the ones we did on tour together with you."

Lynn: "Cheers pal."

Condie: "Yeah, I know what you mean, it was good playing Oxford the day all the students were away..."

Madden: "And there was a music festival on in a big field nearby too..."

Fingland: "Still though, it was sitting outside that music festival [when] we came up with the idea for this ABC show, so it’s not all bad!"

Baby Strange: If you could support a band, where all the members are still alive, who would it be?

WHITE (collectively): "Arcade Fire."

Chris Potter: "LCD Soundsystem would be one as well."

Lynn: "That's who I'd go with!"

WHITE: What about you guys?

Lynn: "Gary Glitter?"

A McCann: "He is still alive..."

Madden: "The Strokes. I'd love to support The Strokes."

C McCann: "Are they alive but?"

Madden: "Just... I'd actually love to support Green Day. The fans would eat us up man!"

A McCann: "Imagine supporting Limp Bizkit, or someone like that though? How good would that be?"

Madden: "Ooft, getting added to the Korn and Limp Bizkit show..."

A McCann: "That would be a dream come true, we can put Arcade Fire on the back burner for that."

WHITE: What are you thinking for the ABC? Have you got any exciting things planned that you can reveal?

Madden: "Well, we're upping it to a four-piece."

C McCann: "For certain songs."

Madden: "It sounds SO good."

Lynn: "Who's the fourth member?"

Madden: "I can't tell you, but he might be sitting at this table... kidding on Hamish, yer birthday was last month. We're going to be covering a new song as well that we've never done before."

Baby Strange: What about you dudes?

Andrew: "We'd like to try and create a light show that comes with a health risk."

Condie: "I think we're hoping to add a few more people on stage, maybe end with ten, but don't hold us to that."

Madden: "Sounds like Live Aid."

Condie: "I might descend in the mirror ball and walk on stage from that."

Baby Strange: Got any new merch for the show?

Condie: "Yup, we're bringing out a new boardgame!"

Madden: "The thing that's worrying, Leo, is that I don't even know if you're joking or not."

WHITE: Johnny, how did you come up with the idea of wearing a leather jacket in a band? (more laughter)

Madden: (while pulling his wool coat) "This isn't leather man!"

Lynn: "I think that's his John Rocha number."

Condie: "That's because you're off duty..."

Madden: "Nah, I've binned my leather, I wear denim now!"

Baby Strange and WHITE play a co-headline show at O2 ABC on Fri 16 Dec
Want it Need it by Baby Strange is out now via Ignition Records
Cuts That Don't Bleed by WHITE is out now via Dead Beet Records