Starter for eleven: Craig Roberts

<i>Submarine</i> star <b>Craig Roberts</b>, the streetest gangsta from Maesycwmmer, south Wales, tests his knowledge of his hero, Eminem. But will he know enough to win that coveted haggis supper?

Feature by Matthew Stanger | 12 Jul 2011

Q1. What is Eminem’s full name?

Marshall Bruce Mathers III

A. Marshall Bruce Mathers III (1 point)

Q2. What was Eminem’s first UK number 1 single?

[Long pause]... Am I being timed?...The Real Slim Shady?

A. The Real Slim Shady (1 point)

Q3. In 2003, at a performance in Milton Keynes, Eminem gave a crowd member a silver necklace he said was worth £275,000. After examination by a jewellery expert, what was the actual valuation? A) £50 B) £5000 C) £50000

Damn, that’s a hard question! Random guess for this one…B) £5000

A. £50 (0 points)

Q4. What was the rap name for Eminem’s character Jimmy Smith Jnr. in the film 8 Mile?


A. B-Rabbit (1 point)

Q5. Is Eminem left or right handed?

He’s right handed. I think I’ve seen backstage footage of him writing with his right hand.

A. Left (0 points)

Q6. In April 2006, which member of Eminem’s band D12 was shot dead at a nightclub in Detroit?


A. Proof (1 point)

Q7. How many consecutive number 1 albums has Eminem had in the U.S.?

Consecutive as in one after the other? I’d say three or two….two.

A. 6 (0 points)

Q8. Who said, “I feel that it is outrageous and disrespectful. It is one thing to spoof, but it is another thing to be demeaning and insensitive” after being ridiculed by Eminem on the music video for Just Lose It?

That was Michael Jackson.

A. Michael Jackson (1 point)

Q9. Eminem’s Love The Way You Lie was the best selling track of 2010 in the UK. What was odd about this achievement?

Hmmm… let me think... is it that it never reached number 1?

A. It was never number 1 (1 point)

Q10. What does the tattoo on Eminem’s torso, dedicated to ex-wife Kim, suggest she should do?

Rot in Pieces. I have the same one on my back!

A. Rot in Pieces (1 point)

Q11. What controversy did Eminem cause on the track A Kiss with his new project Bad Meets Evil?

Ahh, it was the Lady Gaga dis. And tell Lady Gaga she can quit her job at the Post Office, she’s still a male lady (recites lyrics).

A. He said Lady Gaga has a penis (2 points – bonus point awarded for singing)

Craig finishes with a respectable 9 points, but no haggis supper – perhaps he should spend less time starring in films and more time learning about hip hop.



Submarine is release on DVD and Blu-ray 1 Aug