Watch Adam Sandler lose his shit in Goldman v Silverman

Fresh from collaborating on the electrifying Uncut Gems, the Safdie brothers release a secret short film starring Adam Sandler, filmed in Times Square

Article by Jamie Dunn | 17 Jan 2020
  • Goldman v Silverman

Life is tough for street performers – they spend their days coated in metallic paint, impersonating statues and robots for our amusement. There’s not only the toxic spray paint on their skin to contend with, but the fierce rivalry over turf.

One of these territorial disputes is at the heart of the surprise new short film that dropped online last night from the brilliant New York filmmaking brothers Benny and Josh Safdie. The six-minute film sees the duo reteam with Adam Sandler, the star of their blistering new thriller Uncut Gems, which is in select cinemas now and comes to Netflix at the end of the month.

Titled Goldman v Silverman, the short features Sandler and Benny Safdie as Times Square street performers who rub each other up the wrong way one night, and is shot in the gritty, frenetic style that characterises the directors’ previous shorts and feature films, which also include the blistering Good Time starring Robert Pattison.

The bittersweet short starts as a goofy comedy but goes to some introspective and despairingly existential places over its short runtime. It’s the perfect amuse-bouche to Uncut Gems – check it out in the player below.

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