Scottish zombie musical Anna and the Apocalypse gets official trailer

The comedy-horror mashup set at Christmas hits UK cinemas in November, and gets its music-filled official trailer

Video by Jamie Dunn | 10 Oct 2018

There’s a fair bit of buzz surrounding Anna and the Apocalypse, the new Scotland-set zombie horror musical from Glasgow filmmaker John McPhail. Following a lively festival run, which included homecoming screenings at Edinburgh International Film Festival and Glasgow Youth Film Festival, the curious genre mashup arrives in UK cinemas on 30 November. It’s perhaps the perfect release date for a Christmas-set zombie horror, given it’s roughly equidistant between Halloween and the yuletide season.

The first official trailer was released today and gives a good flavour of the music composed by Roddy Hart and Tommy Reilly that you’ll hear in the film, which includes tunes riffing on Hall & Oates and one sung by a school jock boasting about his zombie-killing prowess that sounds like it’s come from the Rocky soundtrack.

Director McPhail will surely be pleased that his film is getting a release in time for Christmas. “Gremlins was a big influence,” he told us. “That was one of my ambitions: that this would be this generation’s Gremlins. I hope it’ll be that monster movie you put on a Christmastime, get the whole family round and have a laugh.”

Released 30 Nov by Vertigo