Margaret Tait to be celebrated with ten new films from Scottish filmmakers

The Orcadian filmmaker and poet Margaret Tait will be commemorated with ten new commissions, including films by Luke Fowler, Sarah Wood, Morag McKinnon and Mark Cousins

Article by Jamie Dunn | 08 May 2019
  • Margaret Tait on set of Blue Black Permanent, 1992 Courtesy of Orkney Library and Archive

Margaret Tait, one of Scotland's greatest filmmakers, will be honoured with a series of ten new films commissioned as part of Margaret Tait 100, the year-long centenary celebration of Tait and her work currently taking place across the UK. Among those invited to make a film as part of the project are Turner-prize nominee Luke Fowler, who's made biographical art films on figures as varied as psychiatrist RD Laing and composer Cornelius Cardew, and Mark Cousins, who's made several essay films about filmmakers, including Orson Welles and Sergei Eisenstein. Author Ali Smith is also involved in the project, working in collaboration with filmmaker Sarah Wood.

The above artists and filmmakers were commissioned directly, while others were drawn from a national open call. The films selected in this fashion include a new work by Morag McKinnon, who hasn't made a solo film since 2010's Donkeys, and a film by artist Wendy Kirkup made with composer Richy Carey.

Also contributing to the project are Glasgow-based artist Alexander Storey Gordon, Edinburgh-based artist Catherine Street, Berlin-born 16mm devotee Ute Aurand, Matt Hulse, best known for his award-winning short Dummy Jim, and artist and curator Peter Todd.

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