Glasgow Film News: September

Steven Seagal will be at the Renfrew Ferry to perform his interpretation of blues music on the 19th

Feature by Alec McLeod | 13 Sep 2006

Have you ever been in a cinema watching a film, when the desire suddenly hits you to stop staring at the screen and start looking around you? Freak! "No, I'm just interested in the architecture," I hear you say. Well, this month is your chance to prove it, as Doors Open Day is upon us on the 16th and 17th, giving you the chance to nosey about venues such as the GFT and The Grosvenor. Pick up a brochure for the confirmed list of buildings, or check out the website at "16th and 17th? Isn't that two days?" Must… stop… the voices…

Ahem. Still on architecture, GilmorehillG12 is marking the Glasgow Mackintosh Festival with a series of architecture-inspired films throughout the month. 'Nineveh on the Clyde', a study of "Greek" Thompson's work, will be introduced by its director Murray Grigor on the 8th. 'My Architect' on the 15th also has an architecture lecture (or "archilecture", if you will) by architect Gordon Murray, and the supremely silly 'The Fountainhead' on the 22nd comes without academic comment. Tickets are £5/£4, with a pass for all three at £12/£9, and can be bought from the venue.

Movie-going isn't all location, location, location though, as The Merchant City Festival will prove. They'll be taking film out of the cinema and into the City Halls, as the BBC SSO will be providing a live performance of Shostakovich's score for 'The New Babylon', Grigori Kozintsev's Marxist classic. Tickets are £10 and can be booked online at The Festival is on from the 20th to the 24th, and will also include showcases of new Scottish movie-making talent at Café Flicker throughout.

And, as tangents go, this is a big one, but Steven "Orange? Why, Yes I Am" Seagal will be at the Renfrew Ferry to perform his interpretation of blues music on the 19th. Touted on the Ferry's website as "the first individual to personally sponsor the disarming and disposal of a nuclear missile", the gig may provide you with first-hand experience of how he handles a bomb.