First glimpse of Ewan McGregor in Fargo season 3

The Trainspotting star is looking a tad rough in his new role in FX television show Fargo

Video by The Skinny | 07 Mar 2017

Ace anthology show Fargo is returning with a whole new set of characters in April, two of which are played by Ewan McGregor.

The Trainspotting star will play the Stussy twins. The older of the siblings, Emmit, is good-looking and trim, so basically what Ewan McGregor looks like. The other twin, called Ray, has a bit more wear and tear.

Reports are the third season of Fargo will centre on the animosity between the two brothers. Here’s the official plot synopsis:

“Emmit Stussy (McGregor), the Parking Lot King of Minnesota, sees himself as an American success story, whereas his slightly younger brother Ray (also McGregor) is more of a cautionary tale. Forever living in his brother’s shadow, Ray is a balding and pot-bellied parole officer with a huge chip on his shoulder about the hand he’s been dealt – and he blames his brother. Their sibling rivalry follows a twisted path that begins with petty theft but soon leads to murder, mobsters and cutthroat competitive bridge.”

Other actors taking part in this season are Carrie Coon, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and David Thewlis.

You can see McGregor as Ray in the player above, alongside Winstead as his girlfriend, Nikki, with Coon in the background as Gloria Burgle, the steady chief of the local police department.

Keep an eye out for the detail near the end where the neon sign saying “diner” malfunctions to read as “die”... Like the last two brilliant seasons of Fargo, we suspect things won’t end well for some of these characters.

Fargo returns to FX 19 Apr