Edinburgh Film News November 2006

Expect debauchery and decadence like no other.

Feature by Megan Garriock | 12 Nov 2006

Horror film cult members gather round! November sees the exciting return of Psychotronic Cinema brought to you by the Edinburgh Filmhouse. As the name suggests, Psychotronic Cinema promises a stimulating evening of mood-altering, mind blowing films. November's line-up embraces the stylings of Italian cult films of the 1960s and '70s with such titles as 'Django', 'Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key', and 'Flesh for Frankenstein'. Expect debauchery and decadence like no other as Italian cult films of this era were prone to excess, self-indulgence, and demented energy. Come ready to gawk and gape. The event kicks off on November 2nd at the Filmhouse.

On November 16th, also at the Filmhouse, a special screening of the documentary 'Cool & Crazy' will take place. It documents the uniqueness of the Berlevag Choir, an all-male singing group founded on a bleak isle a mere boat ride away from the North Pole. Set in Norway, the documentary chronicles the talent of the choir as they prepare for a Russian tour, and the healing effect on the community which they manage to spread through song. The film showcases the male bond and provides an enlightening insight into an unexplored world. The screening is dedicated to the memory of Shirley Gilmour, a colleague of the Filmhouse. Tickets are £8, including a glass of wine, and proceeds will go to charity.

And finally, if the theme from 'Jaws' makes you shiver more than the animatronic shark ever did, or the theme to 'Superman' gives you the urge to change clothes in a phone box, an evening of film scores could be right up your alley. On November 29th, Heriot-Watt University Orchestra presents an evening of film music. For tickets, call 0131 451 3705.