Edinburgh Film News October 2006

Africa in Motion is a brand new festival aiming to bring attention to Africa's illustrious cinema history

Feature by Alec McLeod | 13 Oct 2006

First off, a mention of the Secret Policeman's Ball revival to be held at the Royal Albert Hall on the 14th. Including such dignitaries as Eddie Izzard, The Boosh, and Chevy Chase (!) it looks set to be a great night. The reason for it being in the Edinburgh Film News? Well, the whole event is going to be 'cine-cast' live to the Cameo, so you can see the entire show unedited and uncensored, before the rest of us plebs get to see an abridged version on telly. Tickets are £12 (£10 to Amnesty members) and all proceeds go to helping those facing unfair imprisonment around the world.

Another good cause hitting Edinburgh's screens is Africa in Motion, a brand new festival aiming to bring attention to Africa's illustrious cinema history, most of which has been overlooked for decades. Showing a selection of films - of which some have only one print still in existence - by directors such as Ousmane Sembene and Youssef Chahine, it is a rare chance to see the cinematic highlights of an entire continent. If you usually choose your films by the director, perhaps you should consider not having heard of the above filmmakers as the very reason for going. The festival runs from the 20th to the 29th, and more information is at www.africa-in-motion.org.uk.

Possibly not as culturally worthy, but just as fun, is the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival. Not so much a series of films starring mountains (enter Marlon Brando joke here), this festival is more concerned with people jumping, sliding or rolling off them as fast or furiously as possible (enter Maria Schneider joke here). Featuring films, lectures and masterclasses by adventure professionals, it should interest all those involved in the outdoors, and with open entry film and photography competitions, it could provide inspiration for camera-holders who want to contribute to next year's. However, if you thought Mountain Culture was a brand of goat's cheese, you may want to stay indoors. It's on during the weekend starting Friday 20th, with a weekend ticket to all films and lectures costing £38. For a full description of prices and events, see www.edinburghmountainff.com.