A peek behind the scenes of Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs

This new mini-documentary gives an insight into the huge effort that went into Wes Anderson’s wonderful new stop-motion animation

Video by Jamie Dunn | 26 Mar 2018

If you’ve seen a Wes Anderson movie, you’ll know they’re made with a great deal of care and precision. Making one of Wes Anderson’s animated movies is even more exacting. Just ask the team of animators who helped bring Anderson’s vision for new stop-motion feature Isle of Dogs to life.

A new mini behind-the-scenes documentary featuring many of those animators has been released online showing the incredible effort and detail that went into making this stop motion feature. The footage shows the painstaking process and it gives an insight into the skill of the animators to make us believe these stop motion puppets are living, breathing characters.

“We’re trying to get a performance out of these lumps of metal and rubber and silicone,” says animation director Mark Waring. “They’re inanimate objects but we have to bring life to them.”

“I feel like I’m sculpting the performance,” adds lead animator Jason Stalman. “It’s kind of like what kids do when they’re playing. I do think of it like moving sculpture, really.”

Take a look at the short feature in the player above or on YouTube.

Isle of Dogs is released in the UK 30 Mar by 20th Century Fox. To find out more about the making of Isle of Dogs, read our interview with some of the actors lending their voices to the puppets, including Bill Murray, Bryan Cranston and Jeff Goldblum