Where You’re Meant To Be

Soulful documentary pitting Aidan Moffat against Scottish folk music legend Sheila Stewart

Film Review by Tom Grieve | 08 Jun 2016
  • Where You're Meant to Be
Film title: Where You’re Meant To Be
Director: Paul Fegan
Starring: Aidan Moffat, Sheila Stewart
Release date: 17 Jun
Certificate: 15

Aidan Moffat had a tough time when he decided to update the lyrics of old Scotish folk songs for a younger, urban crowd. Traditionalists weren't keen on the beardy indie singer tampering with their songs and the youngsters weren’t necessarily all that interested. Paul Fegan’s soulful documentary follows the former Arab Strap frontman as he tours his set of contemporary ballads around Scotland, and along the way faces off against famed traditional folk singer Sheila Stewart. Clocking in at a mere 76 minutes, Where You’re Meant to Be, with its lively style and bawdy songs, could easily have resulted in a far slighter work had it not been for Stewart's presence as antagonist.

As it stands, however, Stewart, whose death post-filming provides Fegan and Moffat with a poignant focalpoint, looms large as she fiercely defends the lyrical integrity of the songs she has been singing since she was a child. Should these songs be preserved intact, passed down from generation to generation? Or can we adapt them to resonate with new generations, and might this actually be necessary to ensure their survival? Moffat is endearing and game throughout (he happily dresses up in chain mail and suggestively toys with a plush Nessie), providing the film with a lilting, self-reflective narration that nimbly explores these questions of custodianship.  

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