Film Review by Simon Bland | 09 Oct 2013
Film title: V/H/S/2
Director: Adam Wingard, Eduardo Sánchez, Simon Barrett, Gregg Hale, Gareth Huw Evans, Timo Tjahjanto, Jason Eisener
Starring: Lawrence Michael Levine, Kelsy Abbott, Adam Wingard, Hannah Hughes
Release date: 14 Oct
Certificate: 18

V/H/S/2 sprints on to the screen at the same manic pace as its splatterific predecessor, inviting a handful of filmmakers to do their worst with a selection of horror shorts. Director Adam Wingard kicks things off by starring as a bloke who can see dead people through his newly installed robotic eye. Next up, The Blair Witch Project co-creator Eduardo Sánchez straps a Go Pro camera to the hungry head of a freshly turned zombie, allowing us a grizzly glimpse at how the other half eat. Messy stuff.

The Raid’s Gareth Evans and newcomer Timo Tjahjanto tackle the feature’s main event, Safe Haven, in which a documentary team witnesses the demonic second-coming of a crazed cult. And finally, Jason Eisener’s Slumber Party Alien Abduction finishes things off with a fright when some unexpected guests crash a teen sleepover. The final product is a lo-fi, handheld hellraiser with a varying success rate but with more ballsy gusto than most mainstream horrors. [Simon Bland]

Also released on DVD 14 Oct