The Weather Man

A sombre, occasionally plodding, but darkly comic tale.

Film Review by Paul Greenwood | 17 Mar 2006
Film title: The Weather Man
Director: Gore Verbinski
Starring: Michael Caine, Nicolas Cage

Finally seeing a release almost a year later than intended, 'The Weather Man' stars Nicolas Cage as a TV meteorologist approaching a breakdown while trying to cope with his career, a dying father (Michael Caine), a divorce and two troubled children. It's a sombre, occasionally plodding, but darkly comic tale about the pressures of living life and the importance of tartar sauce. Verbinski ('Pirates Of The Carribean') directs with a cool detached eye, and the imperious Caine towers above a restrained but still watchable Cage who is beginning to look disconcertingly like Tim Allen. A diverting little movie. [Paul Greenwood]