The Thief Lord

Kids book adaptation is not much cop

Film Review by Keir Hind | 15 Jun 2006
Film title: The Thief Lord
Director: Richard Claus
Starring: Aaron Johnson, Jasper Harris, Rollo Weeks, Alice Connor
Release date: May 26

A film based on a children's book about two young runaways who go to Venice and are taken in by 'The Thief Lord', a fifteen year-old master criminal who looks out for orphans. As the authorities close in on finding the runaways, the kids unravel a mystery involving a Count who wants an antique wooden wing stolen for him. The book may have been well realised, but the film feels hollow. We see scant evidence that this 'Thief Lord' deserves his title, the children all talk like they're dubbed (but aren't), and Venice seems to have a population of about 15 characters who are continually meeting each other. Worst of all, Alexei Sayle plays the sort of Jewish stereotype that should have vanished with Shylock. Apart from this, the film isn't exactly bad, just dull. If you must see this, wait for the video. [Keir Hind]