The Ringer

Disappointing because the most evil humour is often the funniest

Film Review by Dorian Williams | 16 Apr 2006
Film title: The Ringer
Director: Barry W. Blaustein
Starring: Johnny Knoxville

Johnny Knoxville pretends to be retarded in order to cheat the Special Olympics and win a gambling bet. Sound incredibly wrong? Well that's the Farrelly brothers for you again pushing the boundaries of taste, here as executive producers. Don't get offended though, it's okay to laugh since this film has the seal of approval from all the right societies, charities and organisations. It's funniest when at its most offensive at the beginning, but once the moral stance has been established the laughs dry up. You regret laughing at all the retard gags at the beginning, and you realise it's really not okay to laugh at others unless they are in on the joke. Disappointing because the most evil humour is often the funniest, and the corny ending, although expected, grated like an artificial limb being crunched by a wheelchair. [Dorian Williams]

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