The Pink Panther

Truly, irretrievably, apocalyptically terrible.

Film Review by Paul Greenwood | 17 Mar 2006
Film title: The Pink Panther
Director: Shawn Levy
Starring: Steve Martin

Let's be honest, no one really thought this one was going to be much good. But nor could we have anticipated this 100% laugh-free travesty. Taking a franchise which essentially died nearly thirty years ago and resurrecting it for the remake generation, Steve Martin steps into the role of the bungling Inspector Clouseau, once again searching for the Pink Panther diamond, this time stolen from a murdered soccer coach. The plot is invisible, the slapstick is graceless and the jokes are laboured to the point of distraction and well beyond, with the most frequently evoked emotion being embarrassment and the only rays of light coming from the traditional animated credits and Henry Mancini's immortal score. Truly, irretrievably, apocalyptically terrible. [Paul Greenwood]

Dir. Shawn Levy
This film is released on March 17.