RV - Runaway Vacation

Another uninspired Robin Williams vehicle

Film Review by Graham McIntosh | 15 Jul 2006
  • RV - Runaway Vacation
Film title: RV - Runaway Vacation
Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
Starring: Robin Williams, Cheryl Hines, Jeff Daniels
Release date: June 9
Robin Williams needs to realise that cinematic audiences and tastes have moved on. While there is nothing particularly wrong with his performance in 'RV', it is the film itself that is outdated. It contains all you would expect of a family road-trip comedy, but therein lies the problem: it doesn't offer anything new, just a retread of many familiar films of the 90s. It's great fun for kids mind you; plenty of slapstick, animals and silliness, but for anyone over 12 it's fairly uninspiring. The supporting cast members do what they are there to do; back up Williams' comedic performance in a bid to remind audiences when to laugh. There's really no acting worth mentioning, everyone is there to make a quick laugh if possible, and collect their pay. Don't worry when avoiding this film; it'll be on TV on the next bank holiday. [Graham McIntosh]