A surprisingly brutal affair which maintains suspense well and has characters to root for

Film Review by Alec McLeod | 15 Jun 2006
Film title: Poseidon
Director: Wolfgang Peterson
Starring: Josh Lucas, Kurt Russell, Richard Dreyfuss.
Release date: June 1
Wolfgang 'Das Boot' Petersen helms this update of 'The Poseidon Adventure', with Lucas as an ex-Navy gambler leading his ever-decreasing rat pack off an ever-sinking ship, aided by ex-New York mayor Russell and jilted architect (hey, at least he still has his job) Dreyfuss, who reprises Shelley Winters' original role via Elton John. After the character-establishing foyer scene a la 'The Love Boat', and in-movie adverts for Athlete, PSP and The Black Eyed Peas, the tsunami we're hoping for finally arrives and the film proper starts, a surprisingly brutal affair which maintains suspense well and whose characters you do start to root for. However, at an hour and a half it's all over far too early (the wave hits half an hour in) and, without any truly original set-pieces, its professional execution simply serves to carry you swiftly and smoothly through proceedings, but to no great effect. Fun but frustrating. [Alec McLeod]