A blatant assault on the ideal of freedom in America.

Film Review by Paul Gallagher | 17 Mar 2006
Film title: Manderlay
Director: Lars Von Trier
Starring: Bryce Dallas Howard, Willem Dafoe

The second installment of Lars Von Trier's Yank-bashing trilogy, 'Manderlay' is instantly more confrontational than 'Dogville', being a less veiled critique of the USA, and specifically a blatant assault on the ideal of freedom in America. Using the same theatrical conventions as 'Dogville' (minimal sets, floor-markings in place of walls and doors), this is very much a continuation of that story, and therefore will win Von Trier no praise from those who were unimpressed by the first film. But it is another valuable piece, using dark humour to tell a provocative story of slavery in Alabama. At times the writing is too unnaturally didactic, but a committed cast (headed by a striking Bryce Dallas Howard) ensure it's always compelling viewing. [Paul Gallagher]

This film is released on March 3.