Lobo - The Wolf

70s set Spanish thriller - good but not great.

Film Review by Paul Gallagher | 15 Jun 2006
Film title: Lobo - The Wolf
Director: Miguel Courtois
Starring: Eduardo Noriega, Melanie Doutey, Jose Coronado
Release date: Releas date: June 16

The true story of 'the Wolf', a mole who infiltrated Spanish terrorist group ETA in the mid-70s, is an enticing prospect, and the movie gets off to a great start, with a confusing but thrilling opening chase. The film then flashes back to explain what's going on, but struggles to regain the energy or promise of its introduction. Despite nice performances and good chemistry between Noriega and Doutey, the story elements are too familiar to bring anything fresh to the genre (divided loyalties, fear of discovery, troubled personal life - all boxes ticked), and the film begins to drag. It's good to see a European thriller holding its own against bigger budget Hollywood fare, but 'Lobo' is less than it could have been. [Paul Gallagher]