Future Shock! The Story of 2000AD

Documentary charting the history of punky UK comic book 2000AD

Film Review by Michael Jaconelli | 27 Nov 2015
Film title: Future Shock! The Story of 2000AD
Director: Paul Goodwin
Starring: Dan Abnett, Geoff Barrow, Emma Beeby, Karen Berger, Lauren Beukes, David Bishop, Brian Bolland
Release date: 4 Dec
Certificate: 15

Just as the punk rock scene was taking off in the UK, another like-minded movement was occurring in comics. 2000AD – best known for Judge Dredd – came into being in a late-70s Britain pulsating with social unrest and discontent, and quickly became notorious for its anti-establishment tone, graphic violence and political subversion.

With a story largely relayed by talking heads – interspersed with striking animations featuring artwork from the comics – Goodwin’s documentary benefits from sharp editing, a driving metal soundtrack and energised interviewees reminiscing frankly about their time at the imprint. It's not all dewy-eyed nostalgia: many writers express their frustration at a lack of creator rights and editors complain that younger writers used it as a stepping stone to the larger American market.

Purely by virtue of its subject matter this entertaining film may not appeal to everyone, but for those with even a passing interest in comic books this is perhaps the best documentary of its kind. [Michael Jaconelli]

Released by Metrodome