Down In The Valley

Delving deep into the duality of man.

Film Review by David Winton | 15 Jun 2006
Film title: Down In The Valley
Director: David Jacobson
Starring: Edward Norton, David Morse, Evan Rachel Wood
Release date: May 26

Harlan (Norton), a gas-pumping cowboy complete with artificial twang, and overbearing sheriff dad Wade (Morse), compete for the lives and hearts of the young 'uns Tobe (Wood) and her brother Lonnie, delving deep into the duality of man. These layered characters are superbly acted, with Norton and Morse both excelling. However, writer/director Jacobson bites off more than he can chew, with his San Fernando Valley epic doing karaoke of smoother plots and firmer fantasies. Running a mind-stretching two hours does not help out its punch either. But, spilling over with influences, wondrous style and imaginative characters, 'DITV' is worth seeing for the power of Norton and Morse, and at least deserves Jacobson a pat on the head and the hope for more to come. [David Winton]