Film Review by Paul Greenwood | 19 May 2008
  • Doomsday
Film title: Doomsday
Director: Neil Marshall
Starring: Rhona Mitra, Bob Hoskins, Malcolm McDowell
Release date: Out Now
Certificate: 18

If you’re reading this then chances are the deadly virus that destroys Scotland in April 2008 exists only in the imagination of Doomsday writer and director Neil Marshall. When the virus resurfaces in London 30 years later,Rhona Mitra’s super-cop leads a crack team over the wall that was erected the length of the border with England, only to find the survivors have regressed into medieval savagery and cannibalism, and they face a deadly battle to find the cure and make it back to the border. Marshall is clearly a fan of 80s action cinema, and as a Mad Max tribute it’s difficult to find fault with Doomsday, with scenes of bloody carnage and superbly orchestrated set-pieces at every turn. While not up to the standards he set himself with his first two films, Dog Soldiers and The Descent, it's an entertaining throwback to the action epics of your youth, so if you’re not looking for logic or particularly interesting characters, there’s plenty to enjoy on those terms. [Paul Greenwood]