Celebrating the Cinematography of The Witch

Gallery by Simon Bland | 08 Mar 2016

Ahead of its UK release, we take a look at the wickedly good visuals of period horror film The Witch via stills from the film and onset photography.

The Witch took the festival circuit by storm last year, turning heads with its deceptively down-to-Earth terror. It’s the feature debut of production designer-turned-director Robert Eggers, whose attention to detail brings 1630s New England vividly to life and only adds to the film’s impending sense of dread. What’s more, cinematographer Jarin Blaschke provides an extra chill to Eggars’ new world, offering a colour-drained realism and stark stage for this supernatural tale to unfold.

Told in a traditional 17th century tongue, The Witch follows a New English farmer and his family, who have been banished from their small Puritan community due to their unconventional religious views. Life is hard but it’s made infinitely harder when their baby boy mysteriously vanishes. Unfortunate accident or paranormal punishment? Paranoia soars and accusations fly in this tense, psychological horror.

To celebrate the film’s UK theatrical release on 11 Mar by Universal Pictures, we’ve gathered together an exclusive gallery of behind-the-scenes stills and production shots to whet thy appetite. Check them out in the above gallery.