A Dangerous Game

Film Review by Stephen Carty | 08 Sep 2014
  • A Dangerous Game
Film title: A Dangerous Game
Director: Anthony Baxter
Starring: Donald Trump, Alec Baldwin
Release date: 12 Sep
Certificate: PG

In Anthony Baxter’s 2011 documentary You’ve Been Trumped, a group of residents of Aberdeenshire opposed Donald Trump and his attempts to transform a stretch of coastline into a luxury golf course. With A Dangerous Game, Baxter revisits the same residents – many of whom are still coping with the fallout – while examining the damaging impact of similar high-price golf resorts in various other countries. The filmmaker interviews a few frustrated activists and a handful of dismissive politicians along the way, but the highlight is a face-to-face showdown with Trump himself.

The film bubbles over with anger, but it's a little too righteous and one-sided for its own good. Baxter presents us with some damning statistics (the Aberdeenshire course created fewer than 200 jobs when it was supposed to provide 6000), and the material he offers up makes for fascinating viewing. But the way Trump is vilified – though he's not undeserving – is somewhat simplistic and reductive. Put simply, the issues at hand are more complicated than the picture would have us believe. [Stephen Carty]