Mission Impossible 3

If there's one movie that has the pedigree and potential to blow away the opposition in May, it's this one.

Feature by Paul Gallagher | 16 May 2006
If there's one movie that has the pedigree and potential to blow away the opposition in May, it's this one. Rewind a few years and 'M:I3' wasn't such a hopeful proposition: the Tom Cruise ego-trip that was 'M:I2' had all but self-destructed the series, and Cruise's role as both star and producer seemed to be putting potential third directors in an unwelcome creative bind.

Then came the announcement that wunderkind TV producer JJ Abrams had signed on to take the reins, then that jaw-dropping trailer hit cinema screens, and it suddenly looks like the impossible could be possible again. For starters, Abrams has marshalled a stellar cast, with Ving Rhames, Laurence Fishburne, Michelle Monaghan (fantastic in 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang'), and the jewel in this Mission's crown; its prime bad guy, Philip Seymour "never gives a bad performance" Hoffman, fresh from Oscar-winning success and ready to kill the Cruiser. If that wasn't enough of a seal of approval, the movie also features an appearance from Simon Pegg, the English comedy genius behind 'Shaun Of The Dead' and 'Spaced'. Quite what he's doing here is anyone's guess, but he can currently do no wrong, so it's another good sign for 'M:I3'.

Which brings us to first-time director Abrams (no pressure JJ, but it's the most expensive directorial debut ever), whose recruitment actually makes perfect sense. Having thought up both 'Alias' and 'Lost', two of the biggest TV shows of recent times, he has shown a keen ability to handle both action and intrigue, and a clear insight into the art of entertainment. If he continues in that vein, then this mission is in safe hands. The trailer packs in enough explosions, death-defying stunts, girls, gadgets and meaningful looks to have this writer drooling into his popcorn, but the issue of whether any of this rests on a decent plot is still a big fat question mark. If they get that right though, there's no reason why 'M:I3' can't be the blockbuster of the year, mutants and 'symbologists' be damned.
MI:3 is released on May 4. http://www.missionimpossible.com/