It looks more 'Empire Records' than 'Clerks' in it's portrayal of aimless young slackers

Article by Alec McLeod | 16 May 2006

I'll be honest and admit I've never been a fan of Ryan Reynolds. In fact, prior to this preview, I'm glad to say his name has perpetually escaped me like Road Runner once Wile E turned vegan. I have known him only as 'That Smarmy Guy Who Thinks He's The New Chevy Chase' from 'National Lampoon's Van Wilder: Party Liaison' who, like other Saturday Night Live alumni of recent years, has appeared to get a few more chances of a starring role than he perhaps deserves. This is of course due to the thinking that good comedy leads must have already made us laugh before they tell the jokes, selling them to us on trust as instantly-recognisable inherently-funny people. Earning that kind of credit can take a few films (Will Ferrell still isn't there) but inversely, too many false starts risks being black-listed by annoyed audiences (Rob Schneider, anyone? Thought not.) Reynolds' fate will rest heavily on 'Waiting…'. Written and directed by first-timer Rob McKittrick (himself a former waiter), it looks more 'Empire Records' than 'Clerks' in it's portrayal of aimless young slackers, working in the US equivalent of TGI Friday's. Has Reynolds finally struck comedy gold? Wait and see.

Dir. Rob McKittrick.
Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris, Luis Guzman.
Release Date: May 19