Rage by Sally Potter

Article by Gail Tolley | 24 Sep 2009

Ah, critics do love a ‘trend’ or better still a new ‘movement’. The latest buzz phrase to get us critics hopping about and casually dropping into conversation is “naked cinema”. No, no it’s not what you’re thinking; get your thoughts out of the gutter! ‘Naked Cinema’ is a term that’s been used to describe a new stripped-down style of filmmaking as defined by Sally Potter’s latest project Rage. You might have caught the trailer for it – it certainly stands out; an impressive and eclectic cast (Judi Dench, Steve Buscemi and Jude Law in drag, to name a few) present monologues against brightly coloured backdrops. The story is set backstage at a New York fashion show as if filmed by a schoolboy on his mobile phone. Playing with conventional structures of form and narrative Rage focuses on the power of pure performance without frills. Potter has previously made her mark with assured and inventive film-making (notably Orlando in 1992) and Rage looks to be an intriguing addition to her oeuvre. Buzz words aside, Potter’s latest film looks new and daring and we like that. Make sure you get a ticket for the one-off screening on 24 September.


Rage will also be released online via Babelgum and on DVD through Adventure Pictures on 28 Sep 2009.