November Film Events 2009

Feature by Becky Bartlett | 20 Oct 2009

It’s the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, and to commemorate this event the Filmhouse in Edinburgh is showing a mini-season, The Fall of the Wall. From 2-16 November, four films are being shown, including The Wall – not to be confused with the Pink Floyd classic – a powerful documentary by acclaimed filmmaker and painter Jürgen Böttcher that relies on visuals alone to tell its story.

For fans of German cinema and history, this is definitely the month for you. Head to the CCA in Glasgow on 11 November for Counter Images – East German Underground Films from the 1980s. This special screening, presented by curator and filmmaker Claus Löser, features a selection of short films made between 1983 and 1989 by various musicians, artists and writers, including Helge Leiberg’s Action Situation.

At the Filmhouse again, there is a chance to see films representative of the different movements and periods of European cinema. Preceded by short presentations by Pasquale Iannone of Edinburgh University, each screening of the Introduction to European Cinema ‘09 films is followed by a Q&A session. Most notable is the opportunity to see Murnau’s Tabu (A Story of the South Seas) on 10 November, and the Spanish classic The Spirit of the Beehive on 24 November.

At the Cameo on 7 November is a screening of Identity of the Soul, a film by Thomas Høegh. With much critical acclaim, featuring poems by poets including Henrik Ibsen set against a backdrop of images around the world, it promises to be a unique cinematic event.

The GFT in Glasgow has some retrospectives in November. For those who missed seeing The Thing at cinemas this month, the GFT is screening it again on 13 November, and it is definitely a film that deserves to be seen on a big screen. Also showing is Nosfteratu, Murnau’s classic silent horror, on 1 November – the perfect way to relax after Halloween.

Fans of Manga (Japanese animation) should head to Dundee on 1 November for the final film of the Discovery Film Festival at the DCA. A Scottish premiere, Sky Crawlers is the new film by Mamoru Oshii, who may be recognised as the director of Ghost in the Shell. Set in a world where peace reigns, yet war is seen as entertainment, Sky Crawlers is the story of fighter pilots exploited for others’ pleasure. Featuring some 3D techniques, it should satisfy both eyes and mind.