Northwest Film Event Highlights – February 2015

Our cinemas get dark this month: Grimm closes its Tim Burton season with the broodiest onscreen Dark Knight and opens its Stephen King season with teen horror Carrie. The biggest terror comes to FACT, however, in the form of Tommy Wiseau's The Room

Preview by Simon Bland | 30 Jan 2015

As 2015 gets into its stride it’s time to see what February has to offer us film fans. For most, this lovey-dovey month has 'date night' written all over it, but by the looks of things those Grimm Up North guys must’ve missed the memo. They’ve got two devilishly delightful seasons running back-to-back, offering a dark alternative to all the in-your-face romance. The team round out their Tim Burton season at Manchester Printworks with 1989’s Batman (12 Feb), the film that pushed the director firmly into the mainstream. With Michael Keaton currently riding high on an Oscar buzz-wave courtesy of Birdman, there’s never been a better time to revisit his stint as The Dark Knight.

Grimm then follow this up with a season dedicated to the undisputed master of modern horror, Stephen King. First up at the dancehouse is the UK premier of the latest adaptation of the author's work, A Good Marriage (10 Feb), which sees a husband-wife relationship turn sour when a sinister secret is revealed. Taken from King’s 2010 short compilation Full Dark, No Stars and working from a screenplay adapted by the man himself, expect good things from this murky marital tale. Meanwhile, on 19 Feb, Grimm go back to the start of King’s career with Brian De Palma’s unflinching vision of the author’s debut novel, Carrie. If inviting Carrie White to a romantic evening at the movies so close to Valentine’s Day sounds like a sweet thing to do, just wait until you get to that ending...

All this terror a bit too much? Head to Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall for something a little more civilised. They’ve got Audrey Hepburn at her most iconic with a big-screen revisit of Blake Edwards’ Breakfast at Tiffany’s (12 Feb). You can even grab breakfast while watching the aloof Holly Golightly snub the advances of writer love-interest Paul Varjak.

After something in even poorer taste than Mickey Rooney’s Mr Yunioshi? FACT Liverpool’s screening of so-bad-it’s-the-best-movie-ever The Room (10 Feb) is guaranteed to please. Writer, director and star Tommy Wiseau will be in attendance to meet fans and kick off the fun at what’s sure to be an unmissable night.

Meanwhile, Oldham’s The Gallery has a romantic Valentine’s Day showing of Beauty and the Beast (14 Feb), Manchester’s Cornerhouse provides the chuckles with Marx Bros classic Duck Soup (22 & 25 Feb) and Band on the Wall dissects rap with Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap (1 Feb). You lot are spoilt for choice this month.