May Film Events

Feature by Gail Tolley | 21 Apr 2010

Indulge in some B-movie inspired sex and violence at the Filmhouse on the 1 May when Tarantino’s rarely screened Grindhouse double bill will show. Death Proof and Planet Terror will screen back to back with an intermission of trailers for non-existent exploitation movies. A perfect way to spend May Day.

At the GFT in Glasgow you’d be stupid to miss what must surely be one of the best alternative teen movies ever – Terry Zwigoff’s Ghost World (7 May) has gained a cult underground following due to its many quotable lines as well as top notch performances from Thora Birch, Scarlett Johannssen and the legendary Steve Buscemi. On the 21 May there’s another Late Night Classic, this time David Lynch’s Wild at Heart starring Laura Dern and Nicholas Cage.

At the CCA in Glasgow the Beta Movement screenings will show a selection of artist films, radical documentary and landmark narrative cinema. On 27 May we suggest seeing Nightcleaners by the Berwick Street Film Collective which explores gender, class and the notion of reality in the photographic image.

There’s still time to see a range of artist films screening as part of Glasgow International at the Tramway during May. Keren Cytter’s Four Seasons (2009) explores genres such as noir and melodrama to probe how media strategies have been assimilated into our culture. It screens throughout May. Douglas Gordon has also revisited his celebrated work 24 Hour Psycho in Tramway’s large theatre space. 24 Hour Psycho Back and Forth and To and Fro (2008) plays with ideas of cinematic narrative which create an unsettling and eerie atmosphere (showing until 3 May). [Gail Tolley]