May Film Events

Feature by Becky Bartlett | 28 Apr 2009

There’s plenty to see at cinemas across Scotland this month. The Filmhouse in Edinburgh continues its festival run with the Tibet Film Festival from 8-14 May. This is a unique chance to catch some insight into life in Tibet, featuring a range of diverse topics from the life of the Dali Lama in The Unwinking Gaze to how momos (steam cooked dumplings to you and I) are made in the short History of Momos. One to watch is Jigdrel: Leaving Fear Behind. This documentary, showing Tibetans speaking about their country’s Chinese occupation, resulted in its two filmmakers being arrested and tortured, while the film itself had to be smuggled out of the country. All proceeds for the festival go to fund the work of the Tibet House Trust.

It’s the Glasgow Film Theatre’s birthday! To celebrate its doors being open for thirty five years the GFT is screening a 1974 film, as voted for by the public, free on 10 May. On the same day the Cosmo, the GFT’s predecessor, is also being commemorated with a public screening of a 1939 film. The films will be announced after the voting closes on 1 May. Also in Glasgow is a chance to see some of Europe’s art films, as part of What’s Art Doc? at the CCA from 21 April - 8 May. This series of documentaries portrays artists who challenge the boundaries of their art, showing their inspiration and place in the world. One such film is Les Ballets de Ci de la, celebrating one particular dance troupe. The documentary, showing on 6 May, includes a special appearance by the dancers of Les Ballets C. de la B.

There are several opportunities to see retrospectives in Scotland this month. In Dundee the DCA is screening some Hitchcock classics throughout the month, including Spellbound, which features Salvador Dali’s famous dream sequence. Back in Glasgow, the GFT is showing Dario Argento’s horror classic Suspiria on 26 and 27 May - watch it on the big screen before its remake arrives in the multiplexes! Finally, for the opera fans out there, the DCA is offering a chance to see La Traviata, one of Verdi’s most famous and celebrated works, on 24 May, while the Belmont in Aberdeen is broadcasting La Cenerentola live in HD from the New York Met on 9 May. This classic take on Cinderella is the last opera of the Met’s season, and promises to be a worthy final feature.