March Film Events: 2009

Feature by Gail Tolley | 24 Feb 2009

You’re just in time to catch the end of the Wild Japan season at The Filmhouse, selecting films that explore sex in Japanese cinema from the 50s through to the 70s. The programme includes Woman of the Dunes and the radical and explicit Realm of the Senses, both showing in early March. In Dundee you can catch a free screening of the critically praised and rarely-screened Seul Contre Tous (20 March, 20.30), to celebrate the DCA’s 10th birthday. You can also see two films as part of the venue’s ‘women’s festival’: Iranian picture It’s Winter and Kurdish flick Hejar on the 12th March. There are more birthday celebrations at the Cameo which is 60 this month. They’ll be showing a Buster Keaton double bill on the 7th March to commemorate. Be sure to also make it down there on the March 11th for A Poet in New York, a concert centred around the city of New York and some of its most talented artists, it includes a documentary on Leonard Cohen.