Film Review by Chris Fyvie | 15 Oct 2014
  • Zombeavers
Film title: Zombeavers
Director: Jordan Rubin
Starring: Chad Anderson, Lexi Atkins, Brent Briscoe, Bill Burr
Release date: 20 Oct
Certificate: 15

The concept of ferocious undead beavers gorged on college kids' flesh is chucklesome enough to hide a multitude of sins, and Jordan Rubin’s picture certainly stretches that goodwill for a pretty tiresome first half. A standard setup of partying teens in an idyllic lakeside retreat may have been better played straight given the arch, zero-budget tone; some good stuff could have emanated from the cast spouting hokey dialogue in the face of an infestation of fluffy, toothy doom.

Instead, Rubin and screenwriting partners Al and Jon Kaplan wait too long to unleash their beasties and lay on some very broad, eye-winking gags, all ranging from ropey to risible with delivery to match. That said, once the critters do attack the frantic pace and inventive gore is loads of fun, and the characters are brought to life by having something more to do than simply act as conduit for pontificating on genre cliché. [Chris Fyvie]