Vacuuming Completely Nude in Paradise/Strumpet

Film Review by Graham McIntosh | 15 Jun 2006
Film title: Vacuuming Completely Nude in Paradise/Strumpet
Two films directed by Danny Boyle are released at the same time this month. 'Vacuuming' is a gritty dark comedy, starring Timothy Spall as an obnoxious vacuum salesman, accompanied by a hapless trainee, competing to win the 'Golden Vac' for most sales. Boyle directs triumphantly, with his usual pick of characters you ordinarily wouldn't care about. Spall's performance is wonderful, filling up his grotesque, character with real gusto. The horrific comedy situations mixed with real emotion and drama make it worth watching.
Conversely, there's 'Strumpet', featuring Christopher Eccleston as a down and out poet with a musical friend who accompanies his words with her music. Soon enough the two are discovered, and their attempts to pursue a record deal take off. Alas, the film does not. There are elements of interest, and the cast play without fault, yet something (most likely apathy) is missing. Your interest is sparked with the rare high points of narrative, but these are too few and far between. Arduous and ultimately disappointing, the film is simply inconvenient to watch. [Graham McIntosh]
Both films out now.