Thom Tuck Goes Straight-to-DVD

Review by Paul Mitchell | 18 Aug 2012
  • Thom Tuck: Straight To DVD

The sadist in me wants to meet Thom Tuck on the last day of the Fringe - just to check for any remaining vital signs. The former Penny Dreadful has embarked on an arduous routine which sees him start the day by basically playing Nick Clegg (which must involve some considerable soul-searching) in political satire Coalition, followed by his new solo show where Thom Tuck Flips Out (likely as a direct consequence of playing Nick Clegg), and winding down with a glass of red wine in hand and a reprise of his "award-losing show" (his words) from last year.

The conceit is charmingly quirky - he's watched all the Disney Straight-to-DVD movies and ponders the narrative consequences of and heinous liberties taken by extending the lifespan of the well-known classics [e.g. Cinderella 2: Dreams Come True sees our heroine move on from Prince Charming to land that 'dream' career in admin] and he plunders this rich mine with aplomb - intertwining it with a narrative about his own failed love life. Well, we say narrative, but it's more a series of non-sequiters, loosely based around women in his life who may or may not have existed. All is neatly arranged to build for one spectacularly silly yet immensely uplifting finale.


Thom Tuck Goes Straight-to-DVD, Cabaret Voltaire, 22.05, until 25 August, Free,