Sophie Scholl: The Last Days

Film Review by Keir Hind | 16 May 2006
Film title: Sophie Scholl: The Last Days
Sophie Scholl was a member of a resistance movement in Germany during World War Two, and was executed by the Gestapo at the age of 21. This film dramatises the events that led to her capture, and then goes on to show how she was interrogated, tried, and killed. It is not the most uplifting film to watch. It is, however, utterly fascinating. The film uses recently discovered Gestapo transcripts, and at times it almost seems like a documentary. The best section is during Sophie's interrogation: at first we see how disturbingly intelligent Gestapo officers can be when establishing guilt, but then see how they simply can't justify their beliefs when they attempt to convince the astonishingly brave Sophie that she was wrong. This is a simple story well told, which even manages to suggest a note of triumph for the resistance's efforts at the end. Worth two hours of your time. [Keir Hind]