Body Count - Live in LA (Escapi)

Do Body Count even have fans anymore?<br/>

Film Review by Ali Maloney | 16 Apr 2006
Film title: Body Count - Live in LA (Escapi)
Ahhhh, rap-rock, eh? It's not as if spawning Limp Bizkit is something to be proud of, y'know. Body Count do all they can to discount the fact that they were around before most and succeed in making a bland, soulless strain of this bastard genre. One of the original gansta rappers, Ice T turns in all his cred to play paint-by-numbers hardcore in BC's DVD, 'Live in LA', recorded at the butt end of 2004. With a sound quality that makes some bootlegs sound great, this makes the band appear even more ridiculous, and shifts all the focus onto the excessive bandana wearing. And when the camera doesn't pan back past the first two rows in the audience, it makes you wonder whether there was actually anybody at this show. Do Body Count even have fans anymore? Waiter! I'll have 5 drive-bys, please. [Ali Maloney]
This DVD is released on March 27.