Bill Hicks - Sane Man (Ryko)

Film Review by Xavier Toby | 16 May 2006
Film title: Bill Hicks – Sane Man (Ryko)
While Bill Hicks passed away in 1994, every year his unique and biting social commentary seems to reach new audiences. These days too many people shun away from laughing at 'touchy' subjects, while Hicks met issues like alcoholism, smoking, politics, stupidity and drugs head-on, and is now revered for his take on them. This DVD is the first filmed document of a complete Bill Hicks performance, shot in 1989, and has a newly sober Hicks riffing on a variety of his favourite topics. The audience seems subdued but it is the quality and timelessness of the material that matters, and there's also a raft of bonus features that includes outtakes, a Hicks biography and previously unseen footage that will please any Hicks devotee. If you haven't heard Hicks before you need to see this DVD as it is comedy gold - as biting, insightful and offensive as it is hilarious. [Xavier Toby]
Released on May 8.