Bad Land: Road to Fury

Film Review by Josh Slater-Williams | 30 Apr 2015
Film title: Bad Land: Road to Fury
Director: Jake Paltrow
Starring: Nicholas Hoult, Michael Shannon, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Elle Fanning
Release date: 4 May
Certificate: 15

Originally titled Young Ones for its US release, Bad Land: Road to Fury has seemingly received a name change in an attempt to capitalise on the hype surrounding the forthcoming Mad Max: Fury Road. Despite the presence of that film's co-star Nicholas Hoult, plus desert vistas and a post-apocalyptic setting where a fleeting water supply is a key plot point, Jake Paltrow's sci-fi Western has little in common with the Mad Max series. It actually resembles, of all things, the sprawling 1956 land epic Giant.

There’s a definite 'everything but the kitchen sink' approach to storytelling, which produces momentarily arresting visual touches here and there. The problem is that the film is in perpetual fast-forward mode (and particularly overzealous with dissolve cuts), speeding through all its flash and developments, never slowing down to allow any of its beats to have meaning, or any of its characters to be interesting. [Josh Slater-Williams]