Peace Officer

Film Review by Michael Jaconelli | 08 Mar 2016
Film title: Peace Officer
Director: Scott Christopherson, Brad Barber
Starring: William J. "Dub" Lawrence, Liz Wood, Jerry Wood,

Scott Christopherson and Brad Barber's Peace Office is a timely documentary investigating the militarisation of law enforcement in America’s police force

Peace Office follows Dub Lawrence, a former sheriff and county commissioner in Utah who, prompted by the killing of his son-in-law in 2008 by a SWAT unit, now assists in investigations into complaints of excessive force by law enforcement officers in the state.

The film is generally successful in tackling a very complex and multi-faceted topic, touching on aspects such as the effects of the long-running and unsuccessful War on Drugs, which has meant for decades police departments must divert a large amount of time and resources into what are often non-violent crimes.

Although limited by its focus on one state, Peace Officer is a first-rate look at an increasingly relevant issue, managing to provide a broader context for its investigations without consigning the personal narrative to the background.

Peace Officer screened at Glasgow Film Festival.

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