GFF 2013: The History of Future Folk

Film Review by Josh Slater-Williams | 23 Feb 2013
  • The History of Future Folk
Film title: The History of Future Folk
Director: John Mitchell, Jeremy Kipp Walker
Starring: Nils d'Aulaire, Jay Klaitz, Julie Ann Emery, Dee Snider, April L. Hernandez, Onata Aprile

Arriving on our planet to evaluate it for invasion and resettlement, General Trius (d’Aulaire), later called Bill, is seduced by the sounds of music, a concept previously unknown to him. Smitten, he abandons his plans and eventually starts a family. Years later, fellow Hondonian Kevin (Klaitz) is sent to set Bill straight, but the pair end up forming a bluegrass duo instead, as you do, leaving both to deal with another threat sent by their home.

A lo-fi sci-fi, The History of Future Folk is an aliens on Earth tale that has more in common with Flight of the Conchords and the films of Aaron Katz, though there is a bit of The Man Who Fell to Earth in there. A unique merger of musical comedy, sci-fi and drama, directors Walker and Mitchell substitute an epic scope with relatable small-scale issues and inventive production design. Though made with a light touch, the entertaining Future Folk potently explores both the power of music and connection with people, achieving a surprisingly sweet sincerity with its high concept. [Josh Slater-Williams]


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